Customer Loyalty Program

ImPattayaFood would like to reward loyal customers who appreciate our food and service.

We have devised a tiered loyalty program which works simply on the number of main meals ordered by any single customer.

A main meal is considered to be either from the European, Healthy or Thai menu section.

Once you have ordered 5 main meals you are entitled to  a free item from the snack, side dish or soup menu (if you choose the build your own roll you are limited to 100thb free). If you opt for this option your main meal count will then reset to zero.

If you opt not to take your free option after 5 main meals you can continue until you reach 9 main meals. The order containing your 10th main meal will discount the highest priced meal within that order as long as you meet the minimum ordering requirement. (free meal does not qualify towards minimum order value)

Finally should you not wish to collect any free meal but instead donate to our local charity fund just inform us of this during the order process of your 10th meal and we will add 150thb to the fund on your behalf. Again your main meal count would then reset to zero.